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June 6, 2019

Market Stats Myrtle Beach SC

Often times buyers and sellers search for information about how the market in doing in a particular location in the the Myrtle Beach area.  The beach is 60 mile long and gets very confusing to some people.  I'm not going to go over the different areas in Myrtle Beach in this post, but suffice it to say that this Market Statistical Report is only for 3 bedroom condos in the 29577 and 29575 zip codes.  Here's the graph.  Make sure to copy it and paste it in your browser bar.


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April 16, 2019

Tiny Homes for Investors in Georgetown SC

Today I took a family to find a good home with at least an acre of land.  To find a good value home with at least an acre of land, we had to go as far as 35 miles away.  With traffic and other roadside mishaps, you'll be lucky to get to the beach in an hour.  Prices have gone up even in remote places.  I found one that I thought was perfect for them, and they thought the same, but it's just too darn far for the purpose they have in mind.  

So, after dinner, I went back to the computer and I stumble into this home in Georgetown.  This home has a lot of character and it will be a good fit for investors.  I even think that it can be converted to a duplex for more income.  I hope you'll like my pick of the day.  It's not in a flood zone.  And, remember Georgetown is coming up in this area when the Steel Manufacturing Company from Canada bought the old steel mill.

Here's the street view.  Be sure to click on the little man in the square box bottom left so you can walk around the street and have a feel of the neighborhood.,+Georgetown,+SC+29440/@33.3807983,-79.2895169,3a,75y,120.8h,84.19t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sfV4VHe7qM7WfrCM31vl1Qg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x89002c7f6934f6dd:0x40650e7eb30e0de2!8m2!3d33.3807353!4d-79.2892556


Jan. 18, 2019

The Answer to the HOTTEST Question in Myrtle Beach Real Estate

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Home Prices Are at the Highest Level Since 2008

According to third-quarter reporting by ATTOM Data Solutions, U.S. home affordability indicates that today's housing prices are at the least affordable level in 10 years. Data curators calculate this index based on the income requirements homebuyers must meet to purchase a median-priced home relative to historical averages in the area.

An index above 100 indicates home prices are more affordable, while a rating below 100 means listing prices are on the rise. Nationwide, this number has dropped from a promising 102 in the third quarter of 2017 to today's shaky 92. An astounding 78 percent of U.S. counties analyzed came back with an affordable index less than the country's long-term averages.

Daren Blomquist, senior vice president for ATTOM Data Solutions, blames the push in home prices on rising mortgage rates, while Seattle-based Windermere Real Estate's chief economist Matthew Gardner reasons that previous skyrocketing growth in the local economy led to the current lull. Until income catches up with home values, the median homebuyer is now able to put in offers that are significantly less than before.

Home prices are rising faster than wages in 86 percent of local markets, and they're on the upswing. The third quarter of 2018 saw median home prices settle at $250,000. Since the housing market bottomed out in January of 2012, home prices have increased 76 percent, while the average family income has seen only an average 17 percent increase over that same six-year time frame.

This widening trend in the real estate market means that close to one-third of the U.S. population must earn a minimum of $100,000 a year to purchase a median-priced home - with 3 percent down. Of these communities, five counties in California's Bay area led the list, followed by Westchester and Kings counties in New York and homes in Washington D.C., Boston, and Hawaii.


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Jan. 18, 2019

Rightsizing: The New Trend in Housing

Rightsizing: The New Trend in Housing

The List

According to, predicting trends is key to staying ahead, and downsizing usually has negative connotations, but not in real estate. A better term to describe this latest trend is probably "rightsizing." This popular movement of going small stems from the desire for a simpler, less encumbered way of life. The point is to buy a home that's functional and practical.

Individuals have several reasons to consider rightsizing, from limiting material possessions to streamlining home decor. While it's tempting to fill a large room with objects, less space means homeowners can focus on what's important, such as grandma's vintage secretary, as opposed to a truckload of modular furniture.

A small home offers an intimate feel that many millennials enjoy, but with less clutter and lower utility bills. Downsizing is often less stressful during the buying process too, since homeowners can maximize their budgets, leading to lower down payment requirements that can help preserve a borrower's nest egg. As a realtor, your job is to help people navigate through these important decisions, and often less is more.

Quas Realty in the greater Grand Strand area of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is committed to find the right home that fits your lifestyle and budget.  Call us today 843-455-6616.


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Jan. 2, 2019

Is it a good time to buy a home in Myrtle Beach?

"What's the winter like?" is one of the questions people who are thinking of moving to Myrtle Beach ask.   

We have lived in so many places, from Alaska to New York, and this is the first time in our lives where we don't have to worry about shoveling snow or warming up the car before going to work.  Moving to Myrtle Beach was the best decision we ever made.  The best part about the Myrtle Beach weather during the winter is that even on the few days that it gets kind of cold, the cold spell never lasts for more than a couple of days.  Today, January 3, 2019, we're expecting a high of 65 degrees!

So Many Happy Places to keep you out of the Doldrums

Speaking of questions I hear about Myrtle Beach, one such question that is often asked is this: what's Myrtle Beach like?  Because Myrtle Beach has been voted as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, you can find just about anything your heart desires.  There is a Ferris wheel that bring back your fond memories of childhood. There are concerts, to remind you of your exciting youthful years.  There are lots of great restaurants, featuring everything from fine dining to fast food.  Even in the winter, when the swollen numbers of tourists dwindles down, there are still plenty of entertainment options available to keep the residents refreshed and entertained.

Buying a Home

Myrtle Beach is one of the fastest growing cities in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is also one of the most popular tourist spots in South Carolina, and even when compared with other destinations throughout the United States. However, unlike some neighboring areas, such as Charleston, home prices in Myrtle Beach are still very affordable.  Buyers can still find a real nice home under $200,000 and even oceanfront condos for less than $100,000.  Some people who have done well for themselves buy one of each.  And, why not?  The beauty about buying a home a little further away from the beach is having a little bit of yard space, yet when you feel the urge to walk barefoot in the sand or take a dip in the warm sea water during the summertime, your oceanfront condo is no more than a few minutes drive away.  What's more, you can rent out your condo and it can help pay for itself.  It's all a matter of strategy and planning.  That's were I come in.  I am your local expert, who will walk you through everything that you need for a smooth and happy process of locating your dream property, getting a contract to buy it, and closing the deal.

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